ELSYS America provides specialists in all areas of electronic and software systems design: Hardware and software architecture for boards and calculators; Power electronics; Analog design; ASIC, FPGA and integrated circuit design; Real-time embedded software development; Test bench, integration, validation, test, industrialization.


As Microchip’s partners help accelerate the development of your electronic designs. Being in Microchip’s ecosystem of partners, we offer general consulting services, hardware/software design, and full contract manufacturing.


Design partners are experts in our solutions. Combine our Microchip’s solutions with us and you end up winning every time.


Segmented Lcd, Graphical Displays, Keeloq®, Wifi® Audio, Bodycom™, Kleernet™, Bluetooth Streaming Audio, Analog Audio Connections, Mixed Signal Pic Mcu Based Solutions, Usb Streaming Audio, Trustspan™, Switched Reluctance, Stepper, Ac Induction, Power Led, Zigbee™, Permanent Magnet Synchronous, Brushed Dc, Flourescent, Infrared, Digital, Bluetooth, Lcd, Wi Fi®, Hid, Miwi™, Variable Speed Brushless, Bluetooth® Audio, Ethernet, Can, Usb, Lin, Gas, Energy, Water, Heat


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