Over 9 years of experience in mixed-signal domain allows us to successfully cope with any challenge that modern verification methodologies have to offer. Our biggest advantage is that we were here from the beginning. When mixed-signal verification started to expand, we went through all its phases together with the world’s leading companies. Changing as the technology changes, we can keep up with the latest AMS verification techniques. This enabled us to create our own AMS verification flow which is in use whenever our clients lack the expertise in this domain. Working closely with many customers, our engineers are fully able to integrate into customer’s verification teams or take full ownership of a verification project.


Our expertise covers:

  • Analog IP verification
  • Analog modeling (Verilog-AMS, wreal, EEnet)
    • SoC’s internal analog modules
    • External – test-bench analog modules (e.g. antenna)
    • Model “calibration” – functional test against the schematic
  • Full top-level verification in both UVM and direct methodologies
  • Power aware, GLS simulations
  • Stress testing, performance analysis
  • Fault injection
  • AMS simulation speed-up (by adapting models or analog simulator settings)


Scope of work covered by our teams:

  • Project management and planning
  • Verification tools setup
  • Functional spec assessment
  • Verification Metrics, verification plan and test plans definition
  • Verification environment architecture definition, development and maintenance
  • Test suite development and debug
  • Regression runs